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Saudi Arabia Visa London UK: In a vast basement area of the University of Westminster in Central London is a small piece of Saudi Arabia. The underground space houses AmbikaP3 art gallery which recently showcased the degree work of final year art students. Among the graduates was Wejdan Reda, who curated an exhibit called ‘Exclusion’ featuring the work of four contemporary Saudi female artists. Their work is shown within a representation of a traditional, segregated, Saudi house typical of those found in the Hejaz region; an important element is the focus within this structure on the separate spaces for men and women.

The space that is off limits to men is where you can see emotions that women prefer to express to other women in a setting that is private and reserved exclusively for them. Here you find a very raw piece of work called ‘Epidermis’ by Wa’ad Al-Mujalli. It is a digital video piece of an anguished figure that has the appearance and malleability of clay — not fully formed and pulsating with energy and emotion.

Saudi Arabia Visa UK: They say that reading about anything does not equal the experience of living it. But sometimes we need to read about a country in order to get a heads up on what to expect on our first visit or to know some details that only can be revealed by specialized analysts. Today I’m going to take a quick glimpse on some of the books written by foreign authors, that I think to be the most interesting about Saudi Arabia.

STONES SPEAK: Hail’s rock art shows numerous inscriptions covering 10,000 years of history and depicts the daily life of people in the prehistoric period.

Saudi Arabia Visa - Al Khobar: The UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has praised the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) for protecting the country’s heritage.
Taleb Al-Refai, secretary general of the UNWTO,

BRIGHT PROSPECTS:The number of passengers using KFIA has increased from 3.5 million in 1998 to 8.5 million in 2014. Saudi Arabia Visa - Daammm: New strategic projects are due to be established at King Fahd International Airport (KFIA), including a 5-star hotel, private aviation

building, college of aeronautics, shipping offices, a private hospital, and a 200,000 square meter commercial complex with private parking to attract dozens of international brands in food, banking and trade.

Saudi women visit the Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market (STTIM) fair in the capital Riyadh, in this March 24, 2008 file photo. (AFP). DAMMAM: Further investment in tourist sites across the Kingdom required to attract more tourists and prevent money from going out of the Kingdom during the summer.

Many people from the tourism sector have appealed to businessmen, as there are many sites that need support and infrastructure.