1. Authorisation by Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visa, or a letter of invitation

   approved by Saudi Chamber of Commerce addressed to the Royal embassy of Saudi

   Arabia in the United Kingdom.

2. Passport must be valid for more than six months beyond post entry date and have

    two blank pages opposite each other.

3. Saudi visa application and declaration form, (the forms are found in the pack).

4. Two recent colour photographs taken against a white background and printed on

    high quality photo paper.

5. An online visa application we will complete this on your behalf.

6. A letter of invitation issued by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the

   Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

7. UK Company Support letter is required Please contact us for the template. The letter must be;

  • Addressed to the embassy
  • An original document and have the company’s full address and contact number. 
  • Copied or electronic signed letters are not accepted by the embassy
  • Certified by British Chamber of Commerce, we can arrange this.

8. Women under 40 their invitation must be approved from Saudi MOFA.

Saudi Embassy Visa and E-Number fee

Single Entry, Double or Murltiple Entries upto 6 month £120

Multiple Entries upto 2 years £480

Processing E-Number £20 

Enjaz Travel insurance approximatley between £20 to £140


Process Time and Handling fees

We charge a handling fee additional to the Saudi embassy visa fee, for our validation service to ensure all of your documents are in order. We will also generate the E-number, as well as covering the courier fees for submitting & collecting the visa application from the Saudi embassy in London.

  • Premium Service; 1 working day £324.
  • Express Service;  2 working days £224.
  • Express Service;  3 working days £148
  • Standard Service; 5 working days £88.
  • London Chamber of commerce certifying service; 1 working day £84.
    Or Standard 2 working days £64.
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery £10.
  • Additional £82 Handling fees for multiple visa up to 2 years
  • VAT applies to the above fees.


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