Saudi Arabia: National panel honors Saudi law students

The National Committee of Lawyers has honored Dar Al-Hekma University’s law students during their first meeting at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce last week.

Yassin Khayat, Chairman of the National Committee of Lawyers, praised the female students for their accomplishments in the Pre-Moot Middle East course that took place last month in Amman, Jordan.

He also appreciated their participation in the Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna last week. 

Khayat said he was impressed with the level of knowledge and skills exhibited by the Dar Al-Hekma University alumni in the competitions, and by the law firm during their training.

The students honored in the annual meeting were Maryam Al-Dabbagh, Jude Jamjoom, Nouran Almekhlafi, Mohra Ferak, Ohoud Mousli, Durra Ramadan, Lamia Al-Otaibi, Nedaa Alahmadi, Noha Bangitah and Ayat Albarakati.

Almekhlafi said that during the Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna, Dar Al-Hekma University team was the only one from the Kingdom that participated along with 300 teams from around the world.

“Our team argued their case against four different teams in front of three jury members and international arbitrators. After that round, only 64 teams progressed to the next level,” said Almekhlafi.

Durra said that although the team did not win, they gained a lot from participating, because they were able to practice the art of pleading, extraction of arguments and development of presentational skills, in addition to obtaining great networking opportunities with the best arbitrators in the world.

Mousli emphasised the need to spread awareness within Saudi society in order to help people understand that women can be lawyers and can handle legal departments and rights-based work just as well as any man.

Mousli also said though students are allowed to do internships in law firms to complete their studies in law, much needs to be done to introduce the Saudi female lawyers into this field.

Suhair Hassan Al-Qurashi, president of Dar Al-Hekma University, said that the university is very proud of the law team’s accomplishments. “Being recognized locally is very important to them since this is the environment they will work and grow in, and being recognized internationally is even better.” 

In the Pre-Moot Middle East Competition, Dar Al-Hekma’s team brought home four awards out of a possible five awards. The four awards won by Dar Al-Hekma were Best Written Memorandum for Claimant, Best Written Memorandum for Respondent, Best Individual Oralist for Respondent and the Championship Team for Best Team Oral.
Source: arabnews