Saudi Cultural Bureau Attestation & Legalisation Services

We provide various Attestation services needed before applying for Saudi Visa. Like Saudi work visa application always requires a certificate or degree that corresponds to the job title one is applying for and be duly attested by the Saudi Cultural Office. We do attestation of various certificates & documents including university enrollment letters, school reports, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Adoption Certificate, Police Certificate & More from relevant attestation authority & in some required cases Solicitors validation too.

Document legalisation needed for Saudi Visa can be a confusing, and potentially challenging process. Our Visa Consultants provide you with a complete and easy service where you send us your documents and we do everything, including all the paperwork, writing to relevant authority, running around till we deliver your attested documents. We are one of the few Visa Consultants who has in-depth acknowledge about attestation at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau in London; making legalisation and attestation an easy and fast process.

We provide following Legalisation & Attestation Services;

  • Legalisation from Saudi Cultural Attaché Bureau
  • Solicitor Validation which are required in some cases
  • Attestation from British Foreign Ministry (FCO)
  • Attestation from Saudi Embassy in London


  • Original Personal Document or Certificate.
  • A copy of the passport information page of Applicant;
    if it is a Birth Certificate the embassy needs three passports copies (one for each: child, father and mother.)
    if it is a Marriage Certificate the embassy needs two passport copies (one for each: husband and wife)
  • Scan copy of complete GAN Authorisation letter & Saudi Cultural attaché Bureau Authorisation letter (Both Letters are available in the download pack)
  • A coloured letter from your Saudi employer asking the Saudi Cultural Attaché in London to stamp your degree. If your Saudi employer is private then this letter must have been stamped from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce (Please check the download pack)
  • Complete GAN Visa Order Form (available in the download pack)

Fees & Timelines

Attestation Services Fees & Timelines
Attestation Services Fees*
Attestation service £124
Validation by Solicitor;
1 working day
FCO Legalisation Premium;
1 working day
£75 plus our handling fee £50
FCO Legalisation Express;
3 working days
£43 plus our handling fees £50
FCO Legalisation Standard;
5 working days
£42 plus our handling fees £22
Saudi embassy Attestation;
3 working days
*All our visa handing fees are subject to 20% VAT. Saudi Visa fees are exempt from VAT
*University Certificate Attestation takes from 2 working weeks, there is no time frame as it depends on how fast the University respond to the Saudi cultural attaché and many other factors

Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of terms used to mean ‘document legalisation’ which all refer to the same process. These include document validation, stamping, certification, authentication and attestation.
There are normally four steps for your documents to get legalised and attested. Please note all steps depend on the certificate or document it needs attesting. You can always get a Free Consultation to confirm the steps needed.
  • Firstly the document will be attested from the Saudi Cultural Attache
  • Next if required we will get it validated from a Solicitor
  • Then we would get it attested from British Foreign Ministry (FCO)
  • And finally, we will get it legalised from the Saudi Embassy in London
Degree certificates and other educational documents require a specific process for legalisation. The certificates need to be sent to the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in London before they can be sent to the Solicitor for validation and then to FCO to be apostilled. Once returned they are finally ready for submission to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London. The major delay can happen when the Cultural Bureau attempt to make contact with the issuer of your educational document to validate it's authenticity.
To speed up the time taken to legalise your qualification, you are advised to contact the university registrar who issued the document to ask them to respond quickly to this request.
Due to the above process, the time taken to legalise an educational qualification will vary. It is quite normal for this to take several months so please allow sufficient time to process your educational document attestation application.
Following Documents don't need Solicitor Validation;
  • Original UK Birth Certificate
  • Original UK Government Marriage Certificate
  • Original UK Police Clearance Certificate (ACRO only)
  • Original UK Death Certificate
  • Original UK Medical Report signed by a UK Doctor*
* UK doctor must be registered with the British Foreign Office (FCO) Legalisation Department
Generally it is recommended to get police certificates from ACRO for them to get attested by the Saudi Embassy, However a non-ACRO police certificate can still be attested but it will require validation from the solicitor before it can be attested by the FCO and Saudi embassy. You can always get a Free Consultation to know more about this

Start the Attestation Process

Saudi Attestation process can be a confusing and daunting process. Get a Free Saudi Attestation Consultation callback or you can start the process by downloading the attestation pack below

If you have any questions regarding the attestation pack please do not hesitate to contact us through various options as detailed at the bottom of this page.

As consultants specialising in attestation services we assist and have experience in dealing with all types of attestation. Our Arab speaking Saudi consultants will guide you on this process and be hands on assist

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